Learn Ways To Be A Good Rat Terrier Owner

Rat Terriers are uniquely an American breed and the first rat terrier was buried on the white house lawn. The breed, though known officially as terrier, has many other genetic contributors like the beagles, corgi’s and sight hounds. They are excellent for any house but also provide some unique challenges.
How To Deal With Your Rat Terrier
The rat terrier is a quick and sensitive learner. They provide unique challenges to the owners. The dog is known for its stubbornness, yet possesses sensitivity of an Italian greyhound. They however, are quick to learn best when training is based on operant conditioning. A firm ‘NO’ can be very effective while training them or choke chains can also do the job. Swatting with a paper roll can also be of help. Behavior shaping is also a good start for training the Rat Terriers.
Focusing On One Thing
The dogs are very smart and perceptive and have some focus issues in them. Their ability of smell comes from the beagle so walking with them outside can be a challenge as with every step they discover new smell and run to explore it. Owners should also know about the sight hound genetic in them and therefore these dogs are aware of even the smallest movement that otherwise go unnoticed in many dogs. It comes with perceptive eyesight. Thus the owner needs to be very careful, while taking a walk and should not shout at it.
Barking Habit
Rat Terriers do not bark often. They may vocalize certain weird sounds but otherwise they are relatively quiet dogs, unless of course a stranger walks to the door or walks past your house, the owner is invited for some barrage of frantic barking. Owners should understand that the dog is not barking because it is enjoying, instead it is his characteristics to bark when he sees and feels something strange. Owners should acknowledge the barking and turn to methods that may control the behavior. Yelling or shouting will worsen things.
Behavior With The Humans
The Rat Terrier likes to be with their human fellows. They usually choose human company over dog company. If you are relaxing on the sofa, the pet too will climb up on the sofa. If the owner gets under the covers of the bed, the Rat Terrier too will do the same and lay down near your feet. Owners should accept the fact the Rat Terrier will follow you all around the house instead of finding a cozy spot for napping.
These are some of the personality traits that owners should know about and learn how to deal with them.