Nature Of Rat Terriers

Rat Terriers are feisty, fearless, curious and energetic dogs, which are excellent traits that a watch dog should posses. The terriers although look terrors, they are actually a very good companion at home and love to stay with humans indoors. All it takes is a little time everyday for proper training and upbringing for the rat terrier. This mix breed can be excellent help in the farms as well as for hunting.
Rat Terriers love the yard to do what they do the best, digging. This breed is innately alert, persistent, and impulsive and has loads of attitude and is a stubborn animal. It comes with uncontrollable traits like the barking and destructive chewing, but can be checked with proper training. They can very well live with the kids in the house along with other small pets in one house. However, owners have to accept its aggressive behavior towards strangers that cannot be stopped but can be controlled.
Rat Terriers are highly intelligent, alert and loving dogs that cannot control their love for their master. The owner is required to burn the energy and the calories of the rat terriers by taking it outdoors for its exercise. The dog needs physical and mental exercise to stay fit and fine. They have too much energy and if kept indoors all day, they might get aggressive and angry and may start damaging things inside the house. You can leave them in the yard but ensure that the yard is fenced so that the rat terrier does not escape. Many dogs are capable of jumping small fences so make sure you make a taller fence. Challenging games are good for its mental health and outdoor activity keep them occupied and relaxed all day.
Be The Leader
Rat Terriers are aggressive and a demanding dog and if left unchecked, they can also become your boss and control you. If you let the rat terrier do whatever he pleases, then it will be hard for you to train him and make him obey your command. Stay a step ahead and let him know that you are the alpha member of the pack. Knowing you are the leader, it will be at ease, and can take care of separation anxiety, nervous behavior and small dog syndrome that may induce bad behavior in the dog.
Rat terriers are to be loved and not pampered. While in their puppy stage, owners should train them to socialize. Remember it is the owner who can nurture the dog into a good dog.