Rat Terrier And Its Health Problems

The Rat Terrier is small breed yet is very active. These American bred dogs are great companions for hunting and are very intelligent. They are known for their high energy and alertness. They weight around 25 pounds and grow to 14 inches maximum. However, the rat terrier does not come without any health problems. They are prone of many diseases minor and major and the owner should know all about them. Possible genetic deficiencies can lead them to many physical problems.
A common condition in a Rat Terrier and refers to loss of hair in dogs. When the dog suffers from Mange it losses hair in patches, this condition might be genetic too. It may also be caused due to mites, prompting them to scratch and pick the coat. Démodé tic mange can be a result of immunity issues, which may be caused due to improper working of the dog’s immune system.
You can find this disease mainly in the fawn and blue rat terriers. The blue refers to a silvery coat and the fawn with a gray coat with black ears. Alopecia means complete loss of hair all over the body. Although connected to heredity, it may also be caused due to bacteria that weakens the hair follicles in the dog and makes the hair brittle.
Luxating Patellas
Small dogs are more prone to suffer from luxating patellas. In this condition, the kneecaps of the dog slips from its position, thus making it difficult for the dog to move. It may be caused due to genetic reasons, or development problems while still in the embryo or due to excessive jumping or running if the dog is overweight.
Deafness is a result of genetic predisposition and is common in dogs. It can also be caused due to rupture of eardrums or from excessive loud noise like gunshots or fireworks. You will find this condition more in dogs with large portion of white fur.
This condition is usually seen in small dogs, especially the active ones, Similar to humans who suffer from diabetes. The disease causes the dog’s blood sugar to be very low and the dog suffers from convulse or seizures. Dogs who are less than 5 pounds might suffer from the disease. Such dogs are given sugar supplements to balance the level of sugar in the body.
Malocclusion also known as incorrect bite is a term used if the dog has undeveloped jaw that is not grown in proportion to the other parts. There are many types of Malocclusion and can be caused due to genetic abnormalities.